Five Loaves is a culinary experience that creates a mood and a memory with great friends, food and conversation. All of the art, music, and entrees that sets the stage for a memorable evening are brought to you by the Five Loaves team from Fairfield.


Our Story

At a memorable breakfast among friends who had joined together for an Urban Avenues event in the fall of 2013 the conversation had shifted to capturing the great experiences of hospitality and food in ways that actually change someone’s personal latitude as it relates to respect and love.  John Lankford agreed to take the larger ideas of that morning and move them forward into a business plan.  A week later he brought the ideas of Five Loaves contruct forward and over the next several weeks, a group of Sector Leaders for art, food, film, music, aesthetic design started to get together for regular meetings. Their innovations included the name, the addition of film the spiraling story format that draws out community and invites guest to enjoy the full experience of celebration. By February 22nd the first Five Loaves event was experienced by the young team that is carrying it to the City of Birmingham today.  Their impressions and experiences as they were assembled as guest around this first table are what shaped the identity of the Five Loaves evenings that are offered today.

Our Vision

Everyone that sits at our table cannot wait to come again.  We are designing a community crucible that pours from one group of friends to the next in a remarkably creative way.  The explorations of style and of delivery of these evenings create a mixture of learning and inspiration for the Five Loaves team that offers stronger movement toward their impact in new and exciting ways.

Why Dinners

We believe that a great meal with conversation is the common ground for full living.  The velocity of everyday life with fast food, fast meetings and fragmented dialogue needs to slow down.  Great food in a great setting is the way that Five Loaves stirs up their own recipe for slowing things down and letting our guest find a place that they don’t want to leave.

The Idea

This is a crossroad innovation that takes the rich elements of conversation and culinary surprise and brings it to life.  Simply put it offers a beautiful evening for thoughtful people who can mix good food with good friends for a good cause.  The Five Loaves team sets a stage for every evening with a unique blend of art, music and floral design.  They offer each course in ways that connect their stories and those of their families. Suddenly Fairfield is not so far away. Momentary crossovers in the midst of an evening will open up a place that seems to be more than what we thought.