We believe that we can develop Birmingham's emerging adults (ages 14 to 20) through the avenue of food. Our students come from neighborhoods all across the city, such as Fairfield, Oak Mountain, Woodlawn, and Mt. Laurel. They are aspiring chefs, designers, photographers and entrepreneurs with a common thread: they love our city and want to see it reach its greatest potential.

Through Five Loaves, they not only develop the foundation of cooking, but also pivotal life skills like public speaking, interpersonal communication and personal responsibility. Our cohort meets every three weeks during the school year to cook, learn from mentors, and form community with one another. Together, they serve the community through various volunteer events and plan a pop-up dinner alongside a local chef partner.







We know that there is a certain magic that exists at the dinner table. Strangers sit down and suddenly are engulfed in conversations that last longer than four courses and an after-dinner decaf. Connections are made and phone numbers exchanged. Ideas are formed.

Five Loaves aims to create the most inspiring settings for connections that can transform our city. Whether it is hosting a holiday party for a local business, planning a private meal, or one of our City Series events, every evening we curate is designed to highlight the existing beauties of our city while also inspiring conversation for impact.







The artistic and altruistic communities of Birmingham have been pivotal to the progress of our city, and their efforts deserve to be recognized. That’s why we try to incorporate art, music, and products made by local visionaries into every aspect of our events.