Five Loaves is an Urban Avenues initiative designed to create remarkable evenings that combine food, art and conversation to reconnect people from different parts of our city.

In 2014, members of the Urban Avenues community came together to discuss the impact that hospitality could make on someone’s personal latitude. The respect and love that is poured out by hosts is tangible to those sitting around the table as they enjoy the dishes, table settings and ambiance created for them. It’s an honor to be at someone’s table, but there’s a great sense of empowerment in hosting others, inviting them to dine with you and taste dishes that you’ve purposefully created.

We wanted to create a space for students of various communities across Birmingham to come together, learn together, and create together. Our students are empowered to be the hosts, to share their creations, and to be a part of the greater story of change in our city.